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Red Bull

Red Bull's page where you would get some information and free samples to taste their new flavours. This is a concept animation of the page.

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Jagermeister - Rebirth

Jagermeister wanted to create a stylised video piece to promote their drinks brand across a range of clubs in Germany. Displayed on large flat screen monitors and digital media throughout various participating venues.

The content needed to speak about the brand in a refreshing, energetic way. Creating something interesting, and quite abstract, whilst simultaneously telling a story was of importance during this project. The finished piece was designed to loop indefinitely, yet it can still be interpreted as a journey through the dimensions of evolution, moments in time and kinetic energy.

Art Direction, concept, amimation,.../
Antar Walker
Animations help/
Angelo wellens
Henrique Matias
Created at Hi-ReS!/

Software used: Cinema4D, AfterEffects, FinalCut pro


Video I made for Dulux MixLab with the people at AnalogFolk.

More about Dulux Mixlab can be found here www.dulux.co.uk/paintmixing


Sneak Peek of a Web App game we have been working on during our free time.
A beta version can be found here www.floodworksgame.com. Build in canvas, created at Less Rain.

Technology used: Cinema4D, CoffeeScript, javascript, html5
Art Direction: Angelo Wellens
Development: André Anaya & Lucas Motta

Spiel Der Maschinen

'Spiel der Maschinen 2.0' is an interactive sound sculpture.

The motion of the spectators is tracked by ultrasonic sensors , calculating the distance between someone standing in front of, and one of the mannequins. The system is controlled by a sequencer that we built in Max/MSP. Depending on the distance of the person, different midi commands are sent to the sequencer and Ableton live, controlling the Arduinos and manipulating the sound. Subsequently the vga input of the monitors is hacked and reacts on the sound. This project was also presented on the Time Canvas festival at M HKA, sept 2011 .

Controlling Arduino in Max/Msp with Maxuino v.009/
The XL-MaxSonar-EZ0 Sensor from Maxbotic/

Saatchi & Saatchi

Visit saatchi.com

A few months ago I was lucky to get involved in this project. Saatchi & Saatchi have +-140 offices around the world and wanted to create a common platform where they can unite and display their work. Working on a website such a scale, always brings some complications, but is exciting at the same time. There are a lot of people involved and you always need to find a point where everybody feels happy, comfortable with the progress and result.

Front-end: Nate van der Ende (@van_der_ende)
Back-end: Rob Thompson (@robthompsonweb), Paul Lawton (@future_freak)
Design: Angelo Wellens (@akollectiv)

Weather Forecast

A simple a clean way to check the weather for the next 24 hours.

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Cravendale Mobile Icons

Some mobile icons for Cravendale's Milkmatters mobile website.
Icons are a combination of Cinema4d and photoshop.

Projection Mapping - Skull

Modelled with Cinema 4D and printed with Pepakura/
Graphics are generated in Resolume Avenue/
Colours, effects and mapping witch Quart Composer, Kineme 3D plugin/
also indispensable/


Ipad app made for Victorinox London.
It's a basic app where people were able to customise their Swiss Army knife,
later on, the design got etched on their knife.

The app was used as promotion in the House Of Switzerland during the Olympic games.

Proposal for web version

Intel - Power UP

André Anaya used Stage 3D to communicate between 6 laptops.
The seamlessly graphics displayed on the screens reacts synchronised on the music.
I helped creating the graphics. Video footage coming soon.

Manolo Blahnik

Some screens for a pitch.


Visit head&shoulders

Redesign of the global head&shoulders website for P&G.
More coming soon.

Unique / SYGYGY

Presenting unique and sygygy's rebranded stationary by hi-res.


Technology used: Canon 5D

Sex & Bytes & Rock'n'Roll

The artist's mind

What we are interested in is the evolution of the world we live in. Developments, complications, passions, and so on. Technological progress in particular has radically altered our world. Changes which can have both a positive and negative impact. Technology stimulates creativity, a sense of community, art and love, but can destroy them just as easily.

Prelimary design

Under the heading Sex & Bytes & Rock 'n' Roll, we wish to show technology's impact on our society. Society's current components and the products it leaves behind thus form the basis of this project. An eclectic mix of old and new techniques. A critical view of technical means and instruments as symbols of unbridled perfection. The death of things organic, poetic, utopian.

The main spur for our society's electronization, digitalization, medialization and materialization is mass media. They are at the source of a world of boredom, repetition and monotony. They have created a globalized world in which strongly individualized people feel increasingly insignificant and less powerful. A world in which humanity runs the risk of being replaced by a trans-humanist existence. What about such thematic fields as virtuality, digital and analogue signals, continuity, eternity...? Shall mankind ever be replaced by machines?

The work of art in the age of digital reproduction

Developments in digitalization and electronization thus do not ensure proportionate progress in quality and quantity. They remind us that the all-powerfulness of technology is an illusion. The latter can only be as perfect, precise and efficient as the people who create it. Mass media create a dream-like world which looks increasingly more real and better than the real world we live in.

How do we orient ourselves within this electric culture

The project has led to an installation. It is a synthesis resulting from fragmentary research consisting of a wide range of experiments. They aim to reveal some of the technology with which we work. We have tried not to impose our views on this matter as a definitive result, but hope to create an awareness.

This project is about Sex and Bytes and Rock 'n' Roll, but also about technology, society, development, complications, progression, innovation, creativity, community, art, love, electronics, digital and analogue signals, materialism, mass consumerism, mass media, Hollywood, monotony, reoccurrences, recycling, globalization, humanity, trans-humanism, virtual reality, eternity, machines, computers, robots, glitches, perfection, organics, poetry, utopia, experimentation, reproduction, illusion, imagination, the intellect, reason, cause, effect, the mind, purpose, sound, noise, music, retro, interaction, nostalgia, politics, education, enlightenment, science, graphic design, control, discipline, image, interrelations, holism, frustration, data, metadata, communication, philosophy, entertainment, privacy, electronic culture, paradigms, self-education, progress, meta-cognitive awareness, artificial intelligence, cyberpunk, circuit bending, science fiction, porn, ...

The work starts from sound, electronics and circuit bending. More specifically, it creates a generative link between image and sound. In this respect, it is a reinterpretation of the communicative function of graphic design.

Technology used: Max/Msp, Arduino


NoiseBox is a product of innovation and technology, that strives after perfection in imperfection.
It produces a result that would be considered by many as a failure.

Technology used: Processing, Arduino


Ambivalentie is a serie of illustration presenting a dream world. True/ Not True.
It's about antagonisms and contradictions, that either are possible or not possible. Shadows from our world. Flashes from a dream stored in our memory.

Archive 2009-2010


Poster design for the bachelor and Master exhibition Sint Lucas 2010.


Wintervuur is a familial festival, every two years, organized by Antwerpen Open.

Experimental Type

This is an experiment with some old VHS-video cassettes. Helvetica us used for recording every letter from the alphabet on a VHS-tape.
Afterwards the tape is edited manually by knitting, cutting, copying, pasting,... just messing it up.
Playing the tape afterwards, gives this distorted alphabet.

Accidental Sculptures

Exhibition about photographed ready-mades. Those so called accidental sculptures, are part of our daily lives and our public surrounding.